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Pupuk Hayati Migroplus : Mig-6 Plus

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Specification:Bio-fertilizers Mig-6 Plus is a breakthrough technology developed fertilization technology Innoculants Promoting Agricultural Growth ( AGPI) , which is inokulan liquid mixture, which contains some excellent microbes native to Indonesia. These microbes are needed in the process of biological soil enrichment, among others: Azospirillum sp, Azotobacter sp, microbes Phospor solvent, Lactobacillus sp, and microbial cellulose pendegradasi and Pseudomonas sp.
BENEFITS MiG - 6 Plus:
Fertility of the land is not only supported by one of the chemistry, physics and biology of land, but a combination of these 3 properties. Using MiG - 6 Plus on agricultural land will improve the nature of chemistry, physics and biology so that the soil structure and texture of the soil to be harmonious and healthy so that plants can thrive in healthy soil. Microorganisms contained in the MiG - 6 Plus also acts releasing nutrients bound to soil clay minerals, so that untur soil macro and micro are available to plants. Also helps increase plant photosynthesis process, so that the fruit maturation process to be perfect. Using this technology can save the use of chemical fertilizers by 50% so as to reduce the cost of purchasing fertilizer.
Ingredients contained in MiG - 6 Plus is a living being invisible, so that when the application MiG - 6 Plus should not be mixed or in conjunction with chemical drugs. Several other provisions are:

Do not be diluted with tap water / PAM ( containing chlorine) .
When was diluted, immediately use and do not be stored.
Applications MiG - 6 Plus should not be mixed with chemicals, give 3-day grace period before and after.
Cover tightly re-packaging MiG - 6 Plus, if already in use.
MiG - 6 Plus is not fit for use when they are smelled like rotten eggs, immediately discard and do not use on crops.
Applications MiG - 6 Plus better morning.
When using a pesticide sprayer sprays used, should be rinsed with clean water first.
Based on the research Dr. Lukman Gunarto, the use of technology AGPI ( bio-fertilizers MiG - 6 Plus) as much as 6 liters of 1 ha rice field, resulting in nutrient elements, namely:

N = 90 kg, equivalent to 200 kg of urea fertilizer.
P = 50 kg, equivalent to 100 kg of TSP fertilizer.
K = 50 kg, equivalent to 83 kg of fertilizer KCL.

Efficient use of chemical fertilizers ( Urea, TSP, KCL, ZA, ZK, NPK, etc.) and manure / compost up to 50% .
Stimulating / accelerate the growth and fruit ripening process becomes more perfect.
The existence of growth hormone, stimulating the growth of fibrous roots, so the capacity of absorption of nutrients by the plants become more optimal.
The quality of agricultural products to be better and increase the number of agricultural products to be significant.
Environmental awake, safe to use and does not leave residues.

All kinds of plants ( Rice, Crop, Vegetables, Oil Palm, Rubber, Fruits, Ornamental Plants, and others.

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